The Pre-Turkey Tournament is the first Special Event of the Fall Season. Held on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving each year, it has grown into a full fledged event.

The Match Format is as follows...

Double Elimination
Winner's Bracket is best 2/3.
Who starts is determined by Flip / Loser / Diddle
Match format is Team 501 w/ Freeze, Stacked Cricket, Choice (Stacked 701 or Cricket).
Winner of the Flip shoots first in Team 501
Loser of Game 1 shoots first in Cricket.
Loser of Game 2 Diddles first for Choice.

Loser's Bracket is 1 game.
Flip to Diddle First, Winner gets Choice to shoot first OR pick the game (Stacked 701 or Cricket).

Entry fee is $15 cash, $16 credit/debit, and includes your games
The hosting location adds $5 to the pot per entry.
A 50/50 drawing is held to add to the pot.
The Super Shot Pot is held if there is an Arachnid G3 Dartboard on site.

***Based on the diversity of players, this year's event may be ABC Draw (Draw Triples). This would facilitate the need to change the Team 501 game.***

This tournament, like many ESD hosts, is done with an AB Draw format. The format relies on creating parity among teams by splitting the group into two pools based on ability. An effort is made to have a balance of players to make the bracket as equally competitive as possible. Teams are drawn, one player from each pool. This will prevent any Super Teams getting drawn together. Players new to the league will be placed in a pool based on whatever information is available. Bullshooter Live, ESD Dart Club, Gran Board, or previous league stats, tournament performances, and general assessment of ability can be used to determine pool assignment.

By Pre-Registering, you accept that your pool assignment is based on the information we have, and is done in a fair manner. Every effort is made to ensure the info is accurate, and fairly applied. It is not possible, nor appropriate to expect or request which pool you are in prior to the event as we have no control over who enters. The margins of Player Ratings are small in the middle of the player pool. Keep this in mind when the pools are assigned. If you feel compelled to argue over pool assignment, our events may not be for you.

Spots are limited based on board availability, time, and space. To reserve your spot, text your name and "I'm In" to Jeff MacIntosh @ 518-862-2216. You are not confirmed as an entry until you have received a response from the Tournament Director confirmimg your entry. If you have not received a reply, contact the Tournament Director again. There are no walk-ins allowed.

DO NOT RESERVE YOUR SPOT IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF YOUR ABILITY TO ATTEND. ABDraw events are dependent upon it's registrants showing up to the event. If you register and your plans change, please let us know immediately. The more time we have to fill an open spot, the better. No Call No Shows will be banned from future events at the Tournament Director's discretion.

For more information and sign up info, contact ESD at or Jeff MacIntosh at 518-862-2216.